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Is Selling Your Ag Land the Right Choice?

There's a lot to consider when selling your most valuable asset – market conditions, seller fees, personal relationships, marketing, deeds, and contracts. Don't forget about taxes. Many people end up with less money in their pocket than they expected. That's where American Land Agency stands apart. We offer our clients a complete package;

  • We guide every step of the sales process
  • We provide thorough due-diligence
  • We design a custom marketing plan
  • We eliminate uncomfortable situations between you and your neighbors

What's the Sales Process?

1. Identify Goals and Expectations
  • We meet with you and discuss options, provide a market analysis, and make sure that you thoroughly understand our process.
2. Develop a tax plan
  • One of the most overlooked factors in property sales is tax. Your free tax consultation ensures that you know all of the tax implications related to your sale.
3. Calculate a Market Price
  • We perform a number of soil tests to help promote your land. Our agents help you capitalize on market conditions and trends, helping you make decisions you'll be happy with in the future.
4. Prepare for Top-Selling Condition
  • From cleaning up property buildings, and equipment to capturing attractive photography, we make sure that a buyers first impression is a positive and lasting one.
5. Utilize Our Proven Market Practices
  • Through extensive research and analysis, we devise an aggressive marketing plan for your property, producing a high number of qualified prospective buyers.
6. Conduct Auction or Negotiate the Sales
  • Whether your sale is a listed property or auction, we execute on your behalf, effectively representing your property and working to achieve your goals.
7. Our After-Sale Commitment
  • Once you have become a client, you are part of our family. We doe everything possible to serve you for generations to come.

1031 Exchange?

Looking to consolidate your farm spread closer to home? Thinking about turning your initial investment property into one of higher value or in a new location? American Land Agency can help you develop a plan that will facilitate any changes you wish to make while saving you thousands of dollars in taxes.
For more information, please reach out to our team.

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