Land and Real Estate

Our Land and Real Estate Auctions ensure that our sellers have the best market exposure possible and make the bidding process easy for our buyers. Click the link above to see what property is waiting for you.

Lease Auctions

Lease Auctions connect renters and owners to attain a fair value for rental property. Lease auctions are used for all property types including sport and recreation, crop ground, pasture, hay land, equipment and machinery.


Property and miscellaneous auctions contain a variety of items from cars and equipment to hay and fire arms. If you are looking to sell it, we can market it and bring you a large pool of eligible buyers.


Auctioning requires more than a newspaper ad and a date. At American Land Agency we will use our extensive marketing resources to make sure every eligible buyer knows your property is up for auction, so that we can bring you the highest value for your property. With American Land Agency we have options to host your assets online, in-person, over the phone, or a combination of all three options.

Bidding Options:

    - In-Person
    - Online
    - Over the Phone