Why American Land Agency?

American Land Agency, LLC is a South Dakota family owned full-service Real Estate Firm. We Pride ourselves in always striving to be The Next Generation of Real Estate Professionals. While most Real Estate companies are happy or satisfied with the status quo, American Land Agency, LLC is determined to be the industry’s leader. Our Professional Mission is to represent each of our clients with the highest of morals, work ethic, and desire to achieve their respective goals.

- NO hidden fees
Why we don't offer Buyers Premium?
  • Buyers have expressed the fact that they will not participate in auctions that use buyer’s premium.  Our job is to ensure ALL buyers participate in Your land sale.
  • The commission still directly impacts buyer’s bids on the property.  With buyer’s premium they just add it into what it will cost them for the land.
  • Some agencies charge a higher commission to the unknowing land seller by saying the commission will not be charged against the seller.  Again, buyers bid based on adding this buyer’s premium into their bid. 
  • Our advice is to not be duped into paying a land agents higher commissions.


What if South Dakota land, that is inherited by out of state relatives, and is sold by an agency that promises to not charge the sellers a commission. This means the client's relatives could be told that the agency will sell the land and it will cost them nothing because the agency can charge all commission fees back on the buyer via a “buyer’s premium.”

Is this appropriate?  We do not think so either, which is why we are upfront with our fee structure.

No Hidden Fee Commission Promise.

The American Land Agency, LLC Team Members are:

Carter Canham: Land Broker Associate/Land Manger

Carter Canham is a South Dakota native who grew up on a ranch outside of Miller, South Dakota. He is a graduate of South Dakota State University, where he received an Agricultural Business degree with a minor in Marketing. Soon after graduation Carter joined the American Land Agency Team as a Land Broker Associate and Land Manager.

Carter has spent years working with his family's ranching and vegetation and pest management ventures all across South Dakota. Carter is genuine, hard working, and will ensure that your property is seen through his top shelf marketing skills.

Brittany Anderson: Owner/Office Manager

Brittany is a South Dakota native, and graduate of Dakota State University. As a Member of American Land Agency, LLC, Brittany invests her talents and technical skills to help our agents and real estate offices operate seamlessly.

Furthermore, Brittany’s passion for photography, and training from the New York School of Photography, ensures that the properties listed with American Land Agency are accurately represented in the pictures you view. Whether it’s the serenity of a river property, pristine cropland, or the rolling hills of pastureland, Brittany will capture your property’s greatest attributes for all to see.

Clay Anderson: Broker/Owner

Clay Anderson is a South Dakota native, and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Clay earned an undergraduate degree, summa cum laude, majoring in business administration with dual specializations in finance and human resource management, from Regis University in Denver Colorado. He then earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of South Dakota, School of Law.

Clay worked with insurance, marketing, hunting & fishing outfitters, hotel franchises, franchisees, and various other entrepreneurs and investors to assist them with their respective business ventures after graduation from college and before attending law school. He continues to enjoy the broad world of business; however, real estate transactions are truly a passion of his. Whether it’s representing buyers in the purchase of their first home, selling sections of land, or negotiating business buyouts, Clay is proud to help his clients achieve their real estate goals.