Land Management

Restoring your Time, While Preserving your Legacy

American Land Agency, LLC is a full-service Land Management Agency, as well as a leader in real estate transactions. Our professionals work with owners of Agricultural and Recreational Land to manage their respective Real Estate investment.

Our plans are as customizable and involved as our clients wish. Whether you live on the property or out of the state, we can help ensure your land is a fruitful investment while improving its underlying value.

Whether its negotiating a new lease for several sections of farm land, the hunting rights for a prime tree stand, or helping to retain family land within your family for generations to come, American Land Agency’s professionals are experienced in achieving your goals.

  • We discuss lease terms & market rates
  • We manage contracts & payments
  • We manage issues if they arise
  • We provide ongoing reports & updates

What is the Land Management Process?

1. Establish Your Goals

The first step is to meet with you, your family, and any stakeholders to discuss your land management options. We will create a list of your requirements and desires for each parcel of property.

2. Schedule FREE Professional Consultations

Next, we schedule a FREE consultations with third party legal, tax, and estate planning professionals regarding the potential issues related to your land's lease.

3. Inspect & Evaluate Property

We carefully inspect fences and the nutrient levels within your land's soil. For pastures, we collect tissue samples of grasses to determine the best market value. We review topographical maps and satellite imagery to ensure that no stone is left unturned

4. Clear the Red Tape

We work on your behalf with all agencies (FSA offices, NRCS, SD Game Fish & Parks, Township & County Commissions)

5. Aggressively Market the Property

Our aggressive, proprietary marketing techniques generate superior renal rates, and are backed by our own proven results.

6. Protect, Monitor & Report

Once your property is leased, we monitor soil samples and take aerial images during growing seasons. We provide you with reports including topography maps to keep you fully informed.

7. Conduct Ongoing Negotiations

We deal directly with your tenant on changes in lease terms and rates, new agreements, and field your tenant's questions and concerns on your behalf. All while keeping you informed.

Services Offered

Managing/maintaining your land can often become a full-time commitment:
    - Finding the right renter and developing a healthy/long-lasting relationship;
    - Negotiating rental rates and contract durations;
    - Overseeing proper farming practices, livestock management practices;
    - Create a conservation plan for the environment and wildlife of the area;
    - Checking for overgrazing and maintained fences;
    - Staying up-to-date on federal or state programs available that may benefit your operation;
    - Receiving timely bi-annual payments;
    - Hire & oversee any sub-contracting you deem necessary for the improvement of your property;
    - And SO MUCH MORE!